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62, male, Widowed

Hollywood, United States

I'm an energetic,loyal,humble,honest and trust worthy gentleman with a big heart and huge sense of humor looking for someone with the same features to love and be loved in return.I believe in treating people as you'll want to be treated.I love the outdoors,the waters,I love to laugh and do fun things,I'm an animal lover but don't have any because of the nature of my job,I'm very positive about nearly everything in life,I'm new on here and I'm also new to online dating in general,but I'm very positive and also very ready to try anything new.If there's anything you wish to know about me,kindly ask and I'll gladly give you answers to your questions....Thanks for stopping by to read my profile,God bless you and I hope to read from you soon.

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62, male, Widowed

Gwynn, United States

The interests listed above could make me seem complicated.The truth, is that I'm really down to earth.This is not the shortest profile-if you don't like to read,then stop here.Humans have not changed in thousands of years-The only difference,is the "politics" of public behavior. We communicate primarily through eye signals and body language-This is a dating site,but the rules are the same.The face and eyes tell a story that words cannot concealYOU MUST HAVE A FACE PHOTO TO GET A REPLY I'm not perfect and aware of it.Heroes ride not on a white horse,and neither be a prince from a sheltered castle-rather,they are fighting the battles underneath...They struggle and have the scars to show for it.Those who refuse to reach out beyond their denomination,are not worthy to label themselves as "christian". Having a positive attitude is important...and so is being realistic-"Anything" as posted above,is a non-formal way for us to start a dialogue-and possibly something more that evolves from a friendship-maybe even become partners in life :-)I like to think outside the box...from different angles.Fun-loving with a slight defiant edge and sometimes not so slight depending on the situation.I often rebel against traditions and trends because it's weak to do something just because it's popular.You're still reading this profile-Which means you're probably smarter than most of the women who have contacted me. In reality,there is no "perfect match"-anything worthwhile is going to take some work and there's going to be something about them that you won't agree with,if you spend enough time with them...but guess what?Maybe that's a good thing because it could be that you need someone to push you out of your comfort zone and into the right direction :-)I'm required to act professional at my job-but,I don't enjoy being serious all the time...I can be very free spirited and love a good joke.And for women who have memory problems-*YOU MUST HAVE A FACE PHOTO TO

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56, male, Widowed

London, United Kingdom

I am not a "Serial Dater", not into multiple dating schemes. I'm the kind of guy that opens doors, and pulls out chairs for a lady. I like to treat a lady the way a "Lady" should be treated. I guess I'm considered "Old School". I like to surprise a woman with flowers....just because. I enjoy a woman's company, conversation, and most of all I value her opinion. I would love to pamper that special one. I like to snuggle, I love laughter and a beautiful smile.

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63, female, Divorced

Roma, Italy

I have been living in Italy for more thank 25 years so is probably more Italian than American, am a bit fed up with the typical 'Italian Stallion' and would like to discover what, in case there is, the difference is between the typical Italian man and the wonderful Scandinavian man (as my Danish friend puts it)

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44, female, Single

San Phranet, Thailand

I am 38 years old lady, working in insurance field in Bangkok, Thailand. I have a good job and lovely family. Most of my time, I spend them with my busy work and my small free time I spend them with my family. Time flies so quick and now most of my friends have built their own families so we have very few times to meet and hangout together. I am here to find new friends to discover people who grown up in different places and cultures to share idea and experiences in life. And also to practice English and learning new language I am interested in Scandinavian language because I like Scandinavian Countries.

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