Reasons Men Don't Want to Commit | 2 Things Between Men and Commitment

“ Men and commitment - The real reason why men don't want to commit.”

Whywouldn't he want to commit to me? Thisis a classic question asked by every woman since antiquity. Men and commitment are two things that indeed cannot unite. Once a man discovers that the woman wants to enter their relationship to a more serious level men will surely escape instantly. Why is it so? Why do men seem unable to commit in relationships? There is no clear answer but many theories regarding it.

Hedidn't want to be restrained. Inmy opinion this is nonsense. This theory when applied to men and commitment is really just a boon. When men say they don't want to be restrained, the real meaning is they still want to be able to sleep with other women they want. O woman, you certainly don't want to get involved with a man like this, so just leave him if he uses excuses like this.

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Pria dan komitmen - Alasan sebenarnya mengapa pria tidak mau berkomitmen

Theydon't want to feel depressed. Somemen feel that if they start a date with a woman then this will automatically end with marriage and child. It's easy to see how this makes a person feel depressed. But in any case if you want men to commit with you, explain to him what you are in your mind regarding the future with them. Let him know that marriage is not yet your thinking right now. It can provide relief on them.

Theycome from a messy family. Notevery man who does not want to commit is a chaotic man.sometimes men who come from a messy family do not want to commit because they are afraid of injuring the woman they love. This is an acceptable thing. But in any case, if it comes time for you to talk about this with her you can convince them that she is not like her parents and this does not mean that things will end badly on your relationship.

I'm sure there are many reasons or pretexts to explain why men and commitment often appear to be two things that cannot unite. In fact, men's issues and commitment are things that depend on men. There are a lot of men out there looking for women who can be the goal of their commitment. You just have to know when you're spending time with a man who doesn't want to commit to you or a man who can be committed to.

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