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“ Love and Chemistry - Understanding love and match”

If it comes time to find someone you define as a life partner, you will certainly think about what is the difference between love and chemistry. There's actually a big difference between the two, but most people still can't tell the difference. To have a whole life and relationship, you must understand the differences and understand the needs of both for your relationship. If you don't have both, you'll end up feeling sorry for the time you've spent. You don't experience it then continue reading to understand the difference of the two.

Onething one should understand when it comes to issues of love and chemistry is that they are not the same. Love is something you feel deep in your heart and soul. You wake up thinking about the person and you spend your day thinking about the person when you are away from him.

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Cinta dan Chemistry - Memahami cinta dan kecocokkan

Chemistryisn't as profound. Thischemistry is more about how you are physically attracted to others. Just because someone gives you a feeling of comfort and you're trying to sleep with him, doesn't mean they love you.

Lackof understanding of love and chemistry can make a big deal in your feelings. When you envy that someone is in love with you, while both of you only have the appropriate chemistry, you may be confused when the relationship will end. You will be heartbroken because you think the person loves you. What you should do in a case like this is to rise up and evaluate what is going on. You will see how it turns out that the person does not love you and you will be better prepared for the next relationship.

Ofcourse it is not always easy to understand the difference in love and chemistry. For that is why dating can end in heartbreak. You may think that everything is fine and you both are in love with each other. The only thing you can do is evaluate what's wrong and how you've missed the sign that it appears that the person is not asking you. Only then will you be able to identify whether this is actually love or is it just chemistry.

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